Water Intelligence

Copyright © AgAID Institute - Water Allocation Intelligence
Copyright © AgAID Institute – Water Allocation Intelligence
How can AI-driven models and decision support help address water scarcity challenges of the 21st century?

Can AI-enabled approaches and modeling lead to better stewardship and planning of water resources?

To answer these questions, the AgAID team is working on designing AI and science-guided machine learning frameworks at the human-water-climate nexus; facilitating an information shift from water supply to spatio-temporal availability. These frameworks will help irrigation managers and water districts to make more effective seasonal and long-horizon planning, forecasting, and allocation decisions.

The research thrust covers multiple use-cases associated with water allocation decisions at multiple spatial (farm, district, watershed) and temporal (weekly, seasonal, long-term) scales.

Example use-cases under this thrust include:

  • Irrigation scheduling;
  • Water leasing or trading; and
  • Storage investments.

Selected Projects

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