Data Driven Decision Making: Empowering Farmers in a Changing Climate

Can data be a game changer for farmers in the face of climate change? Farmers are at the forefront of risk and uncertainty in the face of a rapidly changing environment. Irregular weather patterns, severe temperatures, and shifting precipitation levels create significant challenges to agriculture worldwide. These uncertainties have an influence on crop production, resource management, and agricultural sustainability. However, a ray of optimism emerges among the chaos: the power of data-driven decision-making (yes, I’m a student specializing in Data Science).

Delving into the intriguing world of measuring stem water potential (SWP) in apple tree leaves in the field. Photo: Lulu Chen

As technology and innovation advance, so does the potential for data-driven decision-making to transform how farmers adapt to and prosper in this new environment. During my internship with the AgAID Institute, I worked with Drs. Lee Kalcsits and Paola Pesantes to look into the power of data and how it can help farmers make better-informed decisions on irrigation scheduling, which can lead to more sustainable water use in the future. 

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