Human-robot Fruit Tree Flower/Blossom Thinning

  • Faculty: Manoj Karkee (WSU), Cindy Grimm (OSU), Joe Davidson (OSU), Matthew Whiting (WSU), Stefan Lee (OSU), Sinisa Todorovic (OSU), Heather Knight (OSU)
  • Postdoctoral scholar: Salik Khanal (WSU)
  • Graduate students: Uddhav Bhattarai  (WSU, PhD)
  • Undergraduate students: Rachel Stehle (WSU)

  • Investigate/acquire manual operation and expert knowledge to develop strategies necessary for flower-thinning decision-making.
  • Investigate various deep-learning models for detecting and locating flowers and estimating flower cluster orientation and flower density. 
  • Develop an integrated human-robot collaborative system and evaluate its performance.

  • Human-AI workflows that seek to collaboratively perform thinning tasks can improve productivity and amplify skills in pruning labor.


Flower cluster detection and segmentation

Cluster pose (position and orientation) estimation

Flower density estimation, localization, and counting

Early-stage apple flower detection

International Collaboration

AgAID International Collaboration with University of Technology Sidney, Australia

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