WA 38 Field Day – Research and Harvest Management Updates

WSU Sunrise Orchard 115 Sunrise Court, Rock Island, United States

WSU and WTFRC will provide updates on current pre and post harvest research projects. This is a free event. Preregistration is required. Please register here!

2021 Innovate: USHBC + NABC Tech Symposium

Keynote talk @ 2021 Innovate: U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council Tech Symposium. Talk title: The AgAID Institute Presenter: Ananth Kalyanaraman Abstract: Western U.S. farmers and policymakers face variable profitability, crop loss and poor crop quality owing to increased labor costs and fewer skilled workers, weather and production uncertainties, and water scarcity. The AgAID Institute, led by […]

Webinar with Margaret Burnett

Doing Inclusive Design: From GenderMag to InclusiveMag Speaker: Margaret Burnett, Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Oregon State University. Margaret is part of the AgAID Team - learn more about what Margaret does and the role it plays in AgAID's research. Pacific Time / USA Register today!

AgAID Institute Kickoff Meeting

WSU Prosser Campus Prosser, WA, United States

The AgAID Institute is excited to generate meaningful and impactful research with our broad and engaged research team! Our kickoff meeting will bring the entire team together to support the Institute’s broad vision, goals, and objectives, and help us plan and coordinate logistics for collaborative work that will enhance sustainable agriculture efforts locally, regionally, and […]

The AgAID Institute for Transforming Workforce and Decision Support in Agriculture

University of Georgia Georgia

The newly established AgAID Institute, led by Washington State University, is a multi-institution, transdisciplinary coalition that will build partnerships between the Institute’s core members (six universities, two community/4-year colleges, and two tech companies) and a diverse range of key stakeholder groups. The overall approach will be guided by a cross-cutting mantra of adopt-adapt-amplify, i.e., adoption […]

AgTech – Lots of Promise, but Why do Growers care?

WSU - Hamilton Hall Large Conference Room Prosser, WA

Steve is the founder of innov8.ag, a Walla Walla-based agtech startup and Microsoft-partnered company.  Prior to embarking on the startup, Steve spent 12 years at Microsoft with a focus on cloud services. He envisions Walla Walla as the perfect base for ag startups given the convergence of progressive farmers and three colleges with strengths in […]

Systematic Inclusive Design

Systematic Inclusive Design: From GenderMag to SocioeconomicMag How can software professionals systematically assess whether their software supports diverse users? And if they find problems, how can they fix them?  Our team's prior research revealed software's failures to support different genders' user experiences equitably and then produced the GenderMag method to address this problem, which is […]

AI Solutions to Tackle 21st Century Challenges in Agriculture

The AgAID Institute: AI Solutions to Tackle 21st Century Challenges in Agriculture The AgAID Institute is a recently awarded National AI Institute led by Washington State University with OSU serving as the AI-lead organization involving over 13 OSU researchers. The goals of the institute are to study new and existing AI techniques for addressing some […]

AI Institute for Transforming Workforce & Decision Support (AgAID)

The USDA-NIFA Institute for Agricultural AI for Transforming Workforce & Decision Support (AgAID) aims to integrate AI methods into agriculture operations for prediction, decision support, and robotics-enabled agriculture. AgAID faculty will provide an overview of the Institute's work, including their unique adopt-adapt-amplify approach to develop and deliver AI solutions to agriculture that address pressing challenges […]

AI Expo 2022

NCW Tech Alliance has partnered with the North Central Educational Service District (NCESD) to bring an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expo to the STEM Summit, a four-day professional learning opportunity designed for K-12 educators. Tune in and hear a panel discussion featuring Dataiku, Check Point Software, and AgAID Institute team members Alan Fern, Sai Ramaswamy, and […]